Freequently Asked Questions

  • rise offers educational courses and financial services for employers and their employees. We offer courses for you and your nanny on a variety of topics taught by international and local experts. rise is available on both Android and Apple phones and is free to download.

    Our mission is to help migrant workers get paid on time, send their money, and take courses to help them build their CV. In the summer of 2017, you will also be able to open a digital bank account for your employee, pay them electronically, and have a record of all your transactions including loans and paydays. At this time, your employee will also be able to purchase the courses independently using their rise debit card.

  • The app is designed with both the employer and the employees in mind so that everyone wins. Today, little training is given to nannies who take care of our home and children. But, with our courses, essentials of childcare are covered at affordable prices.Employers are welcome to take the courses as well!

  • Currently, our courses are targeted towards nannies. We are not only increasing the number of courses for nannies but also for the larger migrant community who have little access to affordable education. This will expand to retail staff, hospitality etc. Basic courses like accounting, managing money, computer basics will also be available. We hope to match the offering with the need in the market through suggestions and feedback.

  • Our courses are designed specifically for nannies in the UAE, considering that English may not be their first language and these courses may be the first time they are receiving formal childcare training. Our courses are paced appropriately, with simple language, visual aids, and have quizzes at the end to ensure they have learned what they need to.

  • We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

  • You can download the app for free, via Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple). Search for us using the terms “rise migrants”

  • If you have both downloaded the app, the employer/employee can be on different devices.

  • Registration is simple and will take a few minutes. Please follow the steps below.


  • Buying a course is simple with any debit or credit card. Please follow the steps below:

  • Once you buy the course for your employee, they will receive a notification and take the course on their own time on their mobile. At the end of each chapter, they will take a quiz to ensure they have understood the learning objectives.
    We offer courses in the following categories relating to child care:

    All are priced affordably from AED 50 – 250.
    rise also offers assessments for nannies so that you can have a clear idea of what her strengths and areas for encouragement are.

  • You can log in at your convenience. You can take up to [2 weeks] to complete your course once you start the course and within that time go back to view it up to three times.

  • Your employee can take free courses online. However, rise has unique benefits:

  • We are not childcare experts but our partners on our platform certainly are. We have worked with leading experts to bring affordable learning options for nannies who often don’t have an opportunity to learn and grow. To learn more about our experts like kidsFIRST, Stella Reid, Michelle LaRowe, Caroline Kanaan, Jennifer Walters and others.

  • Our courses are created by international childcare experts and are significantly cheaper than most courses of the same caliber, both online and in person.

  • The digital banking platform will be available by the end of summer 2017. For now, if you input the salary amount and payment date for your employees, the app will send you a reminder for timely payments!

  • We are not an employment service, but happy to help when you have found your ideal candidate by providing you with low cost testing and training.

  • You can read our full terms and conditions here.

    If you find there is a question you have that is unanswered, please don’t hesitate in sending us an email at .